Media stocks slide with Dow

Media stocks didn’t escape the mayhem on Monday, Sept. 29. Newspaper stocks have already been drubbed this year (heck, most have had their pants yanked to their ankles at this point) and some took another beating: Newscorp down nearly 10 percent; Gannett down almost 7 percent; Media General down 4.5 percent.

Oddly, McClatchy — which has dropped more than 90 percent of its value since the ill-fated KRT purchase in 2005 — rose nearly 2 percent. The bump was on news of a new agreement with lenders regarding the $1.2 billion debt it is carrying. But even that silver cloud had a lead lining because the deal — negotiated due to reduced revenue expectations — required the newspaper company to put up more collateral and accept a higher interest rate.

Does it mean anything that broadcasters were hit harder than most newspaper companies? Or is that simply because there is more value remaining in the TV company stocks than in most from newspapers?

The following figures are from Al Tompkins blog.

News Corp. and Viacom hit their lowest levels in more than four years, while CBS and Time Warner fell to one-year lows.

Here’s my summary:
News Corp. down 9.6%
Viacom down 7.83%
CBS down 7.14%
Belo Corp. down 4.27%
Time Warner down 9.22%
Walt Disney Co. down 9.22%
Gannett Co. down 6.59%
New York Times Co. down 3.82%
Media General down 4.33%
Washington Post Co. down 4.18%
McClatchy Co. actually rose 1.78% on news that a new debt agreement had been struck with lenders.
Hearst-Argyle Television was only down 2.87%
Meredith Corp. was down even less, only .69%
Charter Communications down 2.38%
Cablevision Systems Corp. down 5.47%
General Electric Co., a Dow Industrial Average component and parent of NBC Universal, saw a 8.51% stock price drop Monday.


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